01 Nov 2010

It’s All About Me, and My Brother

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Because of my hectic schedule I have been remiss in posting my Mises Daily articles. I don’t think I’ve posted the following three yet:

* Today I ask whether we should include interest payments on past borrowing, as part of the “total cost” of something (like the Iraq invasion). David R. Henderson argues that we shouldn’t, while other economists argue that we should. I wuss out and plant myself in between the two extreme positions.

* In this article I explain the background for my debate challenge to Paul Krugman. If you liked this idea, but were afraid to just send the silly YouTube videos, this article is much more likely to get a newcomer to think, “Oh OK, he is making an ass of himself on purpose.”

* And in this article, I elaborate on how a private legal system would handle appeals. If you like the Rothbardian vision but can’t quite picture how it would play out in the real world, you might enjoy this one.

In other news, Stewart was one of the attendees at the seminar I put on last Friday in Boston with Bob Wenzel. Afterward, as promised, a bunch of us went to the karaoke bar. In the first clip below, Stewart captured my opening warm-up song. The bad thing is that plenty of people have me doing “New York, New York” on YouTube, since it’s one of my two standard openings. However, the audio quality on the below is the best yet. If you click it, move the pointer to about 1:55 or so, since the beginning is boring.

And then Stewart also captured a large chunk of my brother Al doing “Billie Jean.” I think it’s safe to say I have Al on vocals, but he has much better stage presence. (During renditions of “Only the Good Die Young,” he has been known to throw the microphone behind his back.)

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