15 Oct 2010

Will Smith Thinks He Can Beat Up Mike Tyson

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(Song reference.)

This was a very pleasant surprise. Normally what happens is that I like the performance of an actor, and then can’t stand the guy when he opens his mouth in an interview. Yet I had the opposite reaction to this collage, which a reader emailed me.

One Response to “Will Smith Thinks He Can Beat Up Mike Tyson”

  1. Darren says:

    You can see the influence of Scientology on Will in the video. Scientology uses practical methods to free people from irrationality, so they can see for themselves what things really are. This is done without resorting to pressing the individual to a view of the world consistent with the what the therapist thinks is rational or right. Scientology is the antithesis of mind control. It’s actually very interesting. I don’t believe the attacks on Scientology by the media.