18 Oct 2010

Thomas Sowell Back in the Day

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I didn’t know such videos were floating around. Thanks to Tony Garcia.

4 Responses to “Thomas Sowell Back in the Day”

  1. Daniel Danta says:

    Watch the whole thing starting at about 29 minutes. Click Volume five, created equal.

    This is probably my favorite of the Free to Choose video discussions. Tom Sowell crushes the competition!


  2. Daniel Danta says:

    Sorry, the video you linked is from Volume 4, “From Cradle to Grave.” The discussion starts at about the midway point.


    Tom Sowell, however, is also in the one I mentioned above (which is my favorite one).

  3. Jonathan M. F. Catalán says:

    It’s amazing that the nature of the debate remains the same. I, personally, believe we should spend time changing the paradigm which the average person thinks in. In other words, endorsing an education which emphasizes the importance of thinking about the full implications of a particular argument, and deducing all the various factors which may influence a particular phenomenon. I don;t know if this is practical, but it also goes to show why it is so dangerous to have a political system where the few can guide the lives of the many, based on highly controversial premises.

  4. ADA says:

    The women there finally conceded that her entire agenda aims at nothing but income equalization. I don’t know if you guys caught that or not. Also, she may have just realized this in the course of the debate.