22 Oct 2010

Murphy’s Angels: Start the Roll Call

Shameless Self-Promotion 2 Comments

I actually have real work I need to be doing, but how can I not blog about someone who donates one thousand dollars to the campaign?!

Let’s give it up for ARTHUR KROLMAN! Mr. Krolman, please come on up here and accept our heartfelt thanks. In appreciation of your amazing pledge, the spare bedroom in my house will henceforth be known as the Krolman Retreat.

I feel like we should celebrate with music. For some reason the following seems appropriate. Turn it up, Mr. DJ!

If you too would like to be featured on Free Advice, it’s quite simple. We’re a meritocracy here. Just pledge more than $500 and I will mention you personally. (If I miss you, send me an email please.) The amount of effort and humor I put into the post will be directly proportional to the size of your pledge.

2 Responses to “Murphy’s Angels: Start the Roll Call”

  1. Tom Woods says:

    So you’re saying if I had pledged just one dollar more I could have gotten at least the ground-level blog tribute?

  2. Dan says:

    Wow two people just donated 5k and 1k in the last 10 minutes. Man if Ron Paul mentions this you might blow through 100k over the weekend. I will still be shocked if krugman shows but it will be fun to watch him try to make excuses for why he shouldn’t do it.