06 Oct 2010

More on the Tennessee Fire

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Stevie sends this:


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4 Responses to “More on the Tennessee Fire”

  1. Matt Flipago says:

    If you look at the Olbermann interview at around 4 minutes in he talks about how he expected them to waive the fee. To me I think he is more likely a sleazy guy who didn’t want to pay, and is full of lies, although the guy seemed pretty stupid, but that could be me making generalizations on his accent. It’s amazing how some people ignore they should have been able to put it out for a fee above what it would be expected to cost to put out.

    • Don Duncan says:

      This is not an either/or situation. If I owned the company I would have a plan to handle the situation. For example, the fire chief could take a credit card charging by the hour. This must be a monopoly situation. I would blame private business for a problem gov creates.

  2. Jason says:

    I hope to have my paper finished and published in Libertarian Papers by 2011. The working title is “The Libertarian and the Fire Service.” I was a volunteer firefighter for several years and want to blend my experience with the AFL-CIO, how departments could work, as well as libertarian and market principles. I chose the topic because it seems to be a constant criticism of libertarian theory, then something like this happens to reaffirm my choice of topics.

  3. Don Duncan says:

    Correction: “would NOT blame”