19 Oct 2010

Come See the Murphy-Wenzel Seminars at the Historic Omni Parker House in Boston

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On Friday, October 29, Bob Wenzel of EconomicPolicyJournal.com and I will host an afternoon and then evening seminar at the historic Omni Parker House in downtown Boston. The two seminars will feature independent content:

* During the lunch seminar from 12pm – 2pm, Murphy will discuss 5 reasons investors should study Austrian economics, rather than Keynesian. Wenzel will discuss Austrian business cycle theory, and how it should be used by investors.

* During the evening seminar from 7pm – 9pm, Murphy will discuss the Great Depression and its lessons for today. Wenzel will explain how to talk code like the elites, so that you can navigate the regulatory framework as an insider. Wenzel will illustrate his lessons using real-life examples of techniques he and acquaintances have used to achieve remarkable goals while others have been suffocated by regulations.

Both seminars will be held in the luxurious Omni Parker House:

Please note that food and drinks will be available to attendees at both the afternoon and evening seminars, but that they will have to be purchased separately.

The admission fee for either event is $30 at the door. However, if you order online, admission for each event is only $24. If you order online for both events, the total fee is $32.

==> Click here to order the afternoon seminar.

==> Click here to order the evening seminar.

==> Click here for the best value to order both seminars.

In addition to the above public seminars, Wenzel is available for private consultation. Contact him for details.

And on Friday night, Murphy is available for karaoke requests. 2-drink minimum.

4 Responses to “Come See the Murphy-Wenzel Seminars at the Historic Omni Parker House in Boston”

  1. Merrill Gallion says:

    Wish I could be there. Just left there yesterday. Will be back on Nov 5. Is this being archived? I suppose what you will be saying is in your book?

  2. Stewart Ulm says:

    Outstanding! I’m glad to see two are coming to Boston (what a great venue, too). Karaoke or not, if you’re drinking in Boston, I’m buying.

  3. Andreas says:

    Awesome! For Austrians and other liberty-minded please check out our social events – one coming up on Nov 5, plus SFL Conference on Nov 6.

  4. Megan says:

    So bummed I’m just hearing about this. Hopefully will be flying back from the NOLA investment conference in time for the evening session!