08 Oct 2010

Bob Roddis for Michigan Supreme Court!

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It’s a crazy idea…but it just might work.

7 Responses to “Bob Roddis for Michigan Supreme Court!”

  1. von Pepe says:

    Good luck Bob!

  2. Aristos says:

    High hopes lead to despairing plummets when it comes to Michigan politics. We’re talking about the state that elected and then re-elected Jennifer Granholm as governor. It’s the state whose largest city elected and then re-elected Kwame Kilpatrick as mayor.

  3. Jonathan M. F. Catalán says:

    Good luck, Bob!

    • Bob Roddis says:

      Thanks for the support.

      On serious note, congratulations to Jonathan. Tom Woods is using his excellent article “Dangerous Lessons of 1937” in Tom’s Mises Academy course on the New Deal. See:


  4. Bob Roddis says:

    I thought I would start a notorious scandal in the press considering all of these neo-confederates I hang with. And by using that “W” word in calling Matt Yglesias a wh*** of George Soros. Didn’t work.