19 Oct 2010

Austrian Study Group in Nashville Area

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I am passing along this email, which I received from Matt Raum. Note that I am not organizing this group. If it gets up and running, I will probably stop in once in a while. I’m just passing this along in case there are readers who want to join.

I told Matt that he should start with either Callahan’s Economics for Real People or with my Politically Incorrect Guide to the Great Depression and the New Deal, depending on the interest of the group.

If you want to contact Matt, his email is: Matt.Raum@yahoo.com

Dear Mr. Murphy,

I am starting an Austrian Economics reading group in Nashville with a few
friends. I have struggled to read the more academic books like Human Action and
America’s Great Depression and I think my odds of reading and comprehending will
be improved if I can do it with a few others. So far the group consists of two
musicians, a bartender and a Vandy econ. grad. student. The other musician has
an econ. undergrad, the bartender has a philosophy undergrad and I have only a
GED. The idea is to pick a book to read and meet up weekly for coffee or beers
and discuss and debate. I’ve never been a part of anything like this but I
thought I’d give it a try.

I thought I would let you know about it since I know you live in the area. Maybe
you happen to know some other amateurs that would be interested in our group. I
think Human Action may be the place to start but maybe you could suggest a
better book to begin with. I found Economics In One Lesson fairly ease but Human
Action was too tough for me to get through on my own. Of course, I would love
for you to be involved in some way but we do not have the type of jobs that
would allow us to pay you anything for teaching. I think we could probably
afford to cover your drinks if you felt like showing up sometime.

Thanks for any help,

Matt Raum

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  1. justino says:

    Matt may also want to check out ·Tinychat for group discussions. I’ve been using it it for meetups to improve participation.