21 Sep 2010

The Inaugural Issue of the Lara-Murphy Report Is Here!

Shameless Self-Promotion 6 Comments

This actually turned out much cooler than I had hoped. Here’s the cover:

If you go to this site, you can click on some other samples from the issue. Order it today!

6 Responses to “The Inaugural Issue of the Lara-Murphy Report Is Here!”

  1. david (not henderson) says:

    Cool. Also, fascinating. Congratulations, Bob.

  2. Silas Barta says:

    Those look to be some facinating articles. I’d love to find out what Mises saw coming 30+ years in advance. Also, I expect Ms. Long to have some very deep insights about how much advantageous it is to “borrow” money from your own savings than borrow money from a bank.

    • bobmurphy says:

      So can we put you down for a 2-year subscription?

  3. Not Bob Murphy's Love Child says:

    Are these digital or do subscribers get physical copies of the newsletter?

  4. Tom says:

    Bob, you have the patience of a saint. If some non-funny smart aleck kept taking swipes at me I’d ban the guy and be done with it. Life is too short to suffer fools.

    • Silas Barta says:

      Oh, take it easy, Bob and I are good buds, even if we disagree on a lot of esoteric issues.