01 Sep 2010

Some Disturbing Trends

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In two previous posts, I linked first to this TV news report, and then this 4-minute-and-change NPR story. Something was screwy and people couldn’t leave comments. I have no idea why that was happening.

Anyway, I took down those posts because I kept getting emails saying The Man was on to me, shutting down my blog, etc.

Hopefully comments will work on this post.

7 Responses to “Some Disturbing Trends”

  1. JimS says:

    In regard to the previous posting considering “human micro-chipping”.

    I run livestock and the federal government wanted to implement an national animal ID program. Every animal would have to be microchipped. Allegedly, this was for food safety. It is modelled after a European program and is mandated by a UN treaty. West of the Mississippi, pretty much everything is hot branded, so ID is not really a problem. But the program goes far deeper than it appears. Every animal would need this ID. Dogs, cats, horses, livestock, hamsters, etc. Not only would they need a tag, but the property they were on would need a federal ID number. If the animal were moved, it would be wanded, or scanned, entered into a program stating the ID number of the property where it was headed.

    I asked an agent from the CA Dept. of Ag at an orientation meeting : “Where one to go to the rodeo at the local county fair, one would have to wand their horse, and let us say, their child was showing hamsters or rabbits at the fair, the rabbits would have to be wanded and reported as heading to the fair? When the event was over, they would have to be wanded again and entered being reported as going to the next property or returning home? This would also include all the roughstock animals that may be used in the rodeo? And if while all this was going on, thier neighbor took their dogs for a walk while they were out, the animal would have to be reported as leaving their home and going to the park which would also have a federal ID number?”

    His answer was an enthusiastic “YES! You’ve got it!”

    After my next comment I was asked to leave the meeting. Thankfully, the program has been put on the back burner as the are unimaginable logistical difficulties with it. The reason for this lengthy reference is that I believe the system is a precursor or test run for a human ID system. I believe things like a national ID card and eventual micro-chipping are coming. I believe that physical money will eventually be banned and ALL transactions will take place electronically, and every transaction will be taxed.

    As I told the Ag agent, the problem is when the government and its agents mistake my property as their property and want a full and thorough accounting of it as well as payment for it.


  2. Kathryn says:

    But, as I know from Law and Order, NYPD Blue, The Closer, etc 😉 the police can get a recording of a private conversation as long as one party is aware of the wire without a warrant. Is this NPR story saying that in many states police are specifically exempt from being recorded in this way?

  3. david says:

    I like this quote from the NPR article (there’s comething I thought I’d never say):

    “If officers think they’re being recorded, Donahue says, ‘they think there’s an extra Big Brother over their shoulder that will judge them 10 minutes, 10 days, 10 years down the line, on the action or utterances they’re making today.’ ”

    The lack of self-awareness is really breathtaking.

  4. Jim D says:

    “Anyway, I took down those posts because I kept getting emails saying The Man was on to me, shutting down my blog, etc.”
    Dr Murphy, can you explain this? Was your blog being shut down as others viewed it, or what?

  5. Dan says:

    I think he was just saying there was some technical glitch that he couldn’t figure out so he posted it again. The comments were probably just poking fun at the technical problem given the topics. Unless the gov. thinks this site is such a powerful force in changing the mind of man that they had to stop these two videos from being shown to the followers of free advice. I wish so much that so many people come to this site that the gov. fears it enough to shut down the info being posted. It would be nice to not feel like one in a million that really believes in a free society.

  6. Anon73 says:

    Ever noticed how ordinary citizens are increasingly referred to as “civilians” to differentiate us from police officers like Grossman does in that story? The implication of course is that we are living in an occupied territory with the police as the foreign military, so you’d think they’d be less brazen about saying it.

  7. Jim D says:

    Thanks Dan. I was thrown off by the “my blog” part.. I’m curious about it because there was a blog I used to visit, where I was continually attacked by viruses. What little I know about tech things tells me that it would have to be the site builder doing it, not an outside source, but hey, what do I know? Maybe somebody could build a duplicate page or site, like those scam notices from ebay or paypal that try to get info from you. All the artwork is accurate, even the links are valid, but the whole page is fake.