07 Sep 2010

New Gig at Mises.org

Shameless Self-Promotion 3 Comments

Starting this week, I will be writing a regular Thursday “current events” column at Mises.org. In other words, not only will I regularly have an article on Thursday, but they will allow me to submit the columns that week, so that I can be responding to fairly recent events.

Just when Krugman thought it was safe to blog on timely issues…

3 Responses to “New Gig at Mises.org”

  1. f4kingit says:

    Where do you find the time to do all this? Mises Academy classes, Mises daily, etc

  2. Jack says:

    This isn’t current events related, but libertarians need a “go-to” article on Monsanto, GMO, gene patents, and intellectual property. That area is currently dominated by statist documentaries saying government should do something. Of course, we know that government is already doing far too much.

  3. EC says:

    awesome, looking forward to it