24 Sep 2010

Gold Breaks $1300

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I was wrong about gas and milk prices, but if you stocked up on gold and silver coins back in the fall of 2008 when I first started going nuts…you’re up about 40%.

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  1. Fascist Soup says:

    Ben Bernanke is displeased with your insolence serf.

    In response to the outbreak of gold prices, the Fed has implemented a new policy of naked shorting GLD with your tax dollars.

  2. Robert says:


    That’s basically what I did, but was fortunate enough to lag on buying silver until winter of 2008 when it was around 12 an oz. That being said you definitely get an assist as your views certainly were part of what led to me deciding to invest in gold and silver back then.

    Thanks buddy! I’d say I’d buy you a drink next time I attend a Mises Circle but perhaps just sending 10 of my friends your PIGS book on Great Depression (my personal favorite) would be even better! Dude I just realized my friend Jenna never returned Chaos Theory after I let her borrow it. Well maybe I’ll just have to order another copy for my personal collection to replace it. Bam, there’s another book sale for you right there! I’m the quintessential example of being able to profit from book sales despite giving it all away online for free. My home library is slowly encroaching being a perfect replica of all the books carried at the mises.org store!

    Sorry for rambling these massive gains on gold and silver sure put me in a cheery mood today!

  3. Matt Flipago says:

    The TIPS market is also showing similar signs.
    “It’s interesting to note that the implied inflation rate in the 10-year TIPS has gone from 1.5 percent to 1.92 percent this week. So we’re beginning to see inflationary pressures” Doug Kass
    I was always baffled how the TIPS market and gold could be predicting completley different things.