03 Sep 2010

Economics Principles Class Starts Next Week!

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Hey kids, let’s get ready to leeeearn!

There are now about 90 people signed up, and the enrollments are flying in fast and furious. If you are an adult and don’t want to feel like you’re sitting at the kiddie table at Thanksgiving, don’t worry: There are several dozen adults (including my mom) who are taking the class. (I don’t have the exact breakdown handy, but it’s possible a majority of the students are adults.)

In case you don’t know what I am talking about, here is the article explaining the online class (which has its main lectures Wednesday nights).

Even if you aren’t going to take the class, I encourage you to download the free PDF of the my new principles textbook, Lessons for the Young Economist. Truly, I have gotten feedback from several people who claim that it is the best introduction to free-market economics they have ever read. (And no, I’m not even talking about my mom in that group of readers.)

3 Responses to “Economics Principles Class Starts Next Week!”

  1. Bob Roddis says:

    Your use of the word “mindless” action as opposed to mechanical action to differentiate it from purposeful action is brilliant. Now we can really expect hordes of new converts.

  2. Randall Malboeuf says:

    Really looking forward to the class! Just started your new textbook and it is fantastic so far. I think it will definitely be the best introduction to free-market economics. Exactly what I’ve been needing to read.