25 Aug 2010

Tom Woods Throws Down the Gauntlet

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Bob Wenzel passes along Tom Woods talking about book sales:

Having been doing this for a number of years now, I’ve come to expect sales to be at about this level.  I realize it’s extremely difficult to sell in excess of 50,000 copies of a nonfiction title, which I have so far managed to do three times (my book on the Catholic Church and Western civilization being the third).  But when you tell people the real figures, they are (understandably) stunned and disappointed.

Oh man. I can’t wait to see Tom’s face when David Hasselhoff and I release our blockbuster, Böhm-Bawerk Made Bearable (here’s the cover art so far, but some of you with free time can probably come up with something better). I did most of the writing, but David will handle the European promotion. (The Hoff’s big in Germany.)

2 Responses to “Tom Woods Throws Down the Gauntlet”

  1. mario rizzo says:

    I’d buy “Boehm-Bawerk Made Bearable.”

  2. Robert Wenzel says:

    There’s only one way to beat Woods in sales. Call it: What Lindsay Lohan Should Know about Böhm-Bawerk