02 Aug 2010


Potpourri No Comments

* For a while I’ve been meaning to comment on non-Austrians who have been arguing against ultra-low interest rates, but I’m a busy guy. Mario Rizzo finally had to do it.

* Glenn Greenwald discusses the massive WikiLeaks leak on the war in Afghanistan. Quick take: Your leaders have been lying to you. (I hope you were sitting down for that.)

* Economists have been talking about this for weeks (or even months), but in case you missed it: check out how high the duration of unemployment is now, compared with previous recessions. And some of you doubted me when I said this was the big one.

* Want to see someone link Sumo wrestling and chocolate bars to the need for government financial regulation? You’re thinking Levitt, but no, it’s my favorite blogger.

* Arnold Kling takes Ezra Klein out to the woodshed. He actually uses the line, “When I was Klein’s age…” Ohhh, that’s gotta hurt.

(Nobody pointed this out, but I think one issue with Klein’s commentary is that he apparently thinks macroeconomics is the same thing as macroeconometrics. No, they’re not. To give one example of the difference: By the time I graduated NYU, I understood what you were supposed to put in the test booklets in macroeconomics to get full credit.)

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