13 Aug 2010

Explore the Theory of the Completely Free Society

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Here it is, the full infomercial for my upcoming online class on private law and defense. Be sure to check out the screen shot and syllabus.

For those of you who are old pros, make sure you see this part too:

Something for Everyone

While the teaching assistant, Grayson Lilburne, and I were discussing the course, we realized that the topic of free-market anarchy is perfect for in-depth discussion and debate. We also realized that there would be many different types of people attracted to this course, including the complete newcomer, the skeptical minarchist, and the veteran anarchocapitalist who read Rothbard while nursing.

In order to accommodate these different students, every week we will post a list of suggested discussion or debate topics. For example, in the first week the issues would include, “Does society need a Supreme Court?” and “Doesn’t the group with the most guns become the government by definition?”

If two students want to volunteer to represent opposing sides on a particular issue, then we will set up a discussion thread devoted exclusively to them. They go back and forth, while the other students can only to comment on the “sidelines” in an accompanying thread. (See Grayson’s blog post to get a better idea of how this will work in practice.)

Of course, Grayson and I will ensure that the weekly discussions and debates constitute an ordered anarchy, rather than a free-for-all involving name-calling, Hitler comparisons, and seven species of logical fallacies. Also, in addition to the student-led threads, Grayson and I will also oversee a general “questions on this week’s material” thread, for the students who were confused by the readings or a point I had made in the lecture.

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  1. Roger Ritthaler says:

    I think the title should be “Explore the Forecast for the Completely Free Society”.