14 Aug 2010

Elites to CNN: “We Have Analyzed Alvin Greene’s Attack Plan, And There Is A Danger”

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(Yes there’s a geeky Star Wars reference in the post title…)

OK this whole thing is hilarious/repugnant. Somehow this guy Alvin Greene–an absolute nobody in terms of politics–wins the Democratic primary for a U.S. Senate race in South Carolina.

Now this makes the establishment elites–you know, the people who are trying to take over the world–go to Defcon 2. People are saying, “This guy is a Republican plant,” which is absurd. (I am tempted to say “which is dumb,” but that implies that the people leveling the charge actually believe it. On the contrary, the leaders of the Democratic Party don’t want this guy winning, either. So they have to convince enough of their voters to be suspicious, to make sure the Republican incumbent, Senator Jim DeMint, gets reelected.)

The reasons this charge is absurd, are: (1) Who in his right mind would have wasted $10,000 on this guy, thinking he might win the primary? Only if you tell me George Soros Rupert Murdoch handed out $10,000 to 1,000 different people–some military vets, some cancer survivors, others with extensive careers working in soup kitchens–would I believe it.

The other reason: (2) The Republicans don’t want this guy in the race, either, on the off chance that a bunch of apathetic voters turn out and vote for Greene. I could see a bunch of people actually turning out for this guy, NOT because they think he’d make a great senator, but because they are so disgusted with conventional politics. Call it the Ross Perot Phenomenon. There are a lot of Americans who would literally rather pick someone randomly from the phone book to be in charge, versus the people who come out the chute of our political process.

Anyway, both Republican and Democratic elites see the extreme danger: There is no way in the world this guy can become a senator. He wouldn’t play by the rules. He might actually believe in something, and he might not succumb to bribery. Worst of all, he appears to be so dull-witted that he might not “get” Washington, with its subtle carrots and sticks, and its most-of-all-you-have-to-hide-it-from-the-public ways.

Now look, I’m obviously not saying that I know this story about him approaching a student in a computer lab is fabricated; how could I possibly know that? What I am saying is that this is just the type of thing the Party would do, to discredit this guy. If, say, they planted child pornography on his home computer and then arrested him, that would probably be a bit too suspicious. This way, with an actual person pressing charges, it’s more official.

Anyway, look at how these sharks go after the guy. I actually think the establishment media in this country disgust me more than the politicians. At least the politicians actually get some power and serious fame, in exchange for their playing the game. But would you want to have to act like this, in order to have a show on CNN?

4 Responses to “Elites to CNN: “We Have Analyzed Alvin Greene’s Attack Plan, And There Is A Danger””

  1. Roger Ritthaler says:

    The “establishment media” don’t want a maverick either, so therefore they get something from discrediting him, too.

  2. Silas Barta says:

    Great minds think alike! I had expressed similar suspicions when Greene was in the news after the primary:

    [W]hy is it that, as soon as elections don’t go toward someone who played the standard political game, suddenly, “it must be a mistake somehow”? You guys set the terms of the primaries, you pick the voting machines. If you’re not ready to trust them before the election, the time to contest them was back then, not when you don’t like the result.

    Where was [Democratic Primary opponent] Rawl on the important issue of voting machine reliability when they did “what they’re supposed to”?

    …Oh, and you gotta love this:

    “On election night, I was among the first reporters to speak with Greene after his victory was announced. His verbal tics and strange affect were immediately apparent: he frequently repeats and interrupts himself, speaks haltingly, and sometimes descends into incoherent rambling, as subsequent video and audio interviews have made all the more obvious.”

    Durn those candidates with autism symptoms! Only manipulative people like us deserve to win elections!

  3. Silas Barta says:

    Oops, close that link tag if you can :-/

  4. J Cortez says:

    I never vote. I think voting is a waste of time. But if I did, I’d vote for this guy.

    Whenever I see candidates like this, I cheer. Anything that can hasten an end to the current batch of fools, bit by bit, must be applauded and helped along.

    And really, as stupid and as bad as he can sometimes come off while on TV, on an ethical level, he can’t be any worse than the current crop of thieves.