18 Aug 2010

Carrie Fisher Steals the Show at George Lucas Tribute

Procrastination Break 4 Comments

I have no idea what chain of events led me to watch this. But it epitomizes the Procrastination Break category on this blog.

(Incidentally, I also saw the Mark Hamill speech, which I will not reproduce here. I can only hope for Master Skywalker that he went first that night.)

4 Responses to “Carrie Fisher Steals the Show at George Lucas Tribute”

  1. History says:

    But, but what if *Irving* Fisher were to steal the show at a *Robert* Lucas tribute? Hmm?

  2. David R. Henderson says:

    LOL many times.

  3. Ash says:

    That’s not a roast. THIS is a roast


    (Very NSFW)

  4. david says:


    For work avoidance, I prefer TopGear videos myself:


    Truly a thing of beauty.



    And for the environmentalist’s worst nightmare, there’s nothing like the insane (but oh so right) truck rallying:


    Bonus (awesome):


    Human endeavour can really be inspiring.