21 Jul 2010

What Do These People Have in Common?

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This may be a bit of an inside baseball post, but my target audience reads this blog, so I’m going ahead with it…

Okay I’m not saying I’m kind of a big deal, I’m just stating the fact that I get a lot of “fan mail.” In particular, people who have hot tips on cutting-edge blog posts or news items will often send me stuff.

What is really amusing is when I’ll get something really off the wall, typically involving people of Jewish descent. Whenever I get these types of emails, they are to me and about 8 other people in the To: field. So I love to open up the address box to see, “When this nutjob decided to email me, what other people did he put in the same category?”

Do y’all know what I’m talking about? Discuss.

(BTW if you recently sent me an email that had 7 other people in the To: field, don’t panic. I get a bunch. There’s only a 12% chance that I’m talking about you.)

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