14 Jul 2010

John Conyers Is Taxed for Time

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This is old news, but since I first heard it this morning, maybe the same is true for some of you:

Once the humor subsides, just think about the implications of that. Here we’ve got one of the guys who is ostensibly our representative who contributes to the formation of legislation, talking about something that may significantly alter our health care system.

And he doesn’t have two days to devote to understanding it, nor can he hire two lawyers to help him.

I asked Gene Callahan for his reaction, and he said, “I speak for the vast majority of reasonable people when I say that this episode just proves we need to give John Conyers a bigger budget to hire better help. We should also subsidize law students’ tuition.”*

* Yes that is a joke.

5 Responses to “John Conyers Is Taxed for Time”

  1. Bob Roddis says:

    While Conyers’ young wife is in prison, maybe she could read the bills and tell him what they mean.


  2. Todd S. says:

    That’s not the same guy who thought Guam would tip over is it?


    Nope. Different guy.

  3. Roger Ritthaler says:

    How has the U.S. lasted this long? I guess it’s the greatest testament to even our greatly fettered “free-market” system.

  4. Mike in MI says:

    Wait, was Gene making a joke, or were you?

  5. J Cortez says:

    I am speechless. Why read bills at all? Is this man insane?

    This guy makes 6 figures a year to do just that and can’t find the time?

    I laugh at anyone that thinks the system isn’t broken.