10 Jul 2010

It’s Tough to Impress a Nobel (Memorial) Laureate

Federal Reserve 5 Comments

Isn’t this a funny sentence?

But how strong would this effect be? Even if the Fed bought a couple of trillion dollars’ worth, probably not all that large. I’m not saying don’t do it, but don’t expect miracles.

5 Responses to “It’s Tough to Impress a Nobel (Memorial) Laureate”

  1. Bob Roddis says:

    Don’t you think the title of the piece, “How Much Can The Fed Help? (Wonkish)” is even funnier? It’s the usual “we’re so so so much smarter than our critics who we are afraid to debate” theme.

  2. von Pepe says:

    This is a classic krugman triple-trap door exit strategy.

    “I did not say inflate a housing bubble, I am saying that is the way out of the recession since we cannot inflate the stock market as a back-to-back rememdy. I want out of the recession but I did not say inflate a housing bubble…someone else did” (McCauley)

  3. Not Bob Murphy's Love Child says:

    Paul Krugman = Dr. Dumb

    • Arek says:

      Why not Professor?

  4. Robert says:

    Bob Roddis, you’re misinterpreting “(Wonkish).” It’s not a jab at his critics; you have to remember that he is always writing for what he thinks is his audience – layperson liberals. He puts that phrase in the title of any post that he thinks may bore or be too complex for his readers.

    It is insulting, but not in the way you think it is.