07 Jul 2010

It’s Almost Heeeeere

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The Night of Clarity is just around the corner–a week from Friday! I just drove downtown to see my man Joe the bouncer at Lonnie’s. He knows what the deal is and will take care of us. I am not exaggerating, you have not seen karaoke until you’ve seen Nashville karaoke.

Reservations are still coming in daily. If you are hemming and hawing, you need to act quickly because hotel space is limited because of the May flood. (Our hotel is fine physically, but the Opryland got crushed by the flood so Nashville’s overall hotel capacity is down for a few months.)

Carlos and I feel like we’re throwing a wedding. Today I just ordered some of Richard Ebeling’s books to have on the display table. Today 3,000 flyers went out to Nashville insurance agents and other financial professionals. We are going to introduce a whole bunch of people to Austrian economics next Friday.

So if you’re within driving distance–and that includes Auburn, which is only 6 hours or so away–come join the party.

3 Responses to “It’s Almost Heeeeere”

  1. RG says:

    I got the Ramada downtown just on the other side of the river next to the stadium for $79 on hotwire. The places I checked out were booked or outrageously priced.

  2. MIchael Hand says:

    I am a student, but at GCSU in georgia. Is the student rate of 35$ for all college students? Also, what does the 35$ buy me (compared to the 400$ for the workshop). thanks for any info.

    – Michael

    • bobmurphy says:

      Well there are several different events with their own prices. The Friday line up of speakers is $65 for regular people, $35 for students. Then, a completely separate thing, is the Saturday workshop which is $395. So any students who are coming are (obviously) not signing up for the Saturday seminar, they are just going to the 4-hour show on Friday and then hitting downtown Nashville Friday night.

      And yes any school counts, except possibly the School of Hard Knocks.