19 Jul 2010

Bob Murphy Does Lonnie’s

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[UPDATE below.]

This was the second song I did. I am telling you, these iPhones don’t do the rendition justice. I concede that in the beginning of this clip, you might think the crowd is amused because of the bald guy with a gut who is inexplicably firing a six-shooter in his left hand. (I have no idea what the deal is with that; don’t ask me.) By the finale, you can tell–even with the iPhone recording–that I was decent. However, I am telling you that it sounded much better there, than the iPhone conveys. My evidence:

(1) Crowd goes nuts at the end; it is not a “ha ha that was entertaining because it was bad” kind of applause.

(2) You can distinctly hear the girls in the back saying, “We love you Bob M!” These were not Austrian groupies; Bob Roddis was recording this, and I’m pretty sure he and I were the only ones from the Night of Clarity still in the karaoke bar (Lonnie’s Western Room) at that late hour.

UPDATE: Actually, if you turn your speakers way up, it sounds much better. The first time I tried listening to this my wife was watching a show in the other room so I didn’t blast it, and it sounded awful. But pump up the volume and it should give you some sense of what Bob Roddis dubbed “the Music City Miracle Part II.”

2 Responses to “Bob Murphy Does Lonnie’s”

  1. Jim McElroy says:

    Don’t give up your day job.

    • bobmurphy says:

      OK let’s just keep your comment in mind, and revisit it in three years.