02 Jun 2010

Obama vs. Ron Paul

Foreign Policy 5 Comments

The Austrian economics stuff is just bonus. Look at the difference between these two. *swoon* (HT2 LRC)

5 Responses to “Obama vs. Ron Paul”

  1. Taylor says:

    Obama is definitely a crook and a liar, but I am not sure how Ron Paul’s claims that he’d actually do what he (and pre-presidential Obama) said he’d/they’d do is more believable. Why? Because RP is more idealistic? More committed to freedom? More consistently accurate in predicting his own actions?

    I always ask RP supporters– “Imagine RP has been elected president, actually elected president… do you think Washington just shuts down and everyone goes home?” No, everyone is still there, the interventionist momentum is still there and the president doesn’t have as much power as you’d like him to have at that point that RP is “in charge” and ready to call some shots.

    Maybe RP gets elected and Congress finally gets around to officially declaring war on Iraq or something. Who knows!

    • bobmurphy says:

      Taylor, fair enough, you’re right that I was comparing Obama’s promises-then-reality with Ron Paul’s promises. But what I had in mind, was that you knew Obama was lying. First of all the whole “I’ll get the troops out in 16 months” hedge, and then the laughing when the reporter asked him the question. In contrast, if RP had been elected after solemnly declaring, “We just bring the troops home,” and then he started talking about the need to stabilize Iraqi governance structures, people would know in week 1 that he had lied. In other RP gave himself a lot less wiggle room.

  2. Contemplationist says:

    Yes Taylor the president faces lots of constraints but in military and foreign policy, there is absolutely
    NOTHING the establishment can do if a principled leader wants to bring troops home. The executive completely controls the deployment of troops and execution of conflicts. Yes Ron Paul could not institute free banking or return to the gold standard, but bringing troops home is one thing he would be able to do instantly.

  3. Bob Murphy's Love Child says:

    He once played a game of baseball, and batted 3 for 3 with four home runs. He can chug a gallon of milk and not vomit. Stoning him will only make him feel more alive. A Manwich was only a Sloppy Joe
    until they saw him eating one. The most interesting man in the world is rather uninteresting when compared to him. He is… Ron Paul.

  4. "Demand Robert Murphy use his facebook page" delegation at the Iowa C4L Conf says:

    Hey buddy, practice what you preach. And don’t give me that heartless reply, “Ooh, I’m too busy writing books and educating the best and brightest about Austrian economics or libertarian philosophy.” Man up, or we will release the videos, probably on facebook.