25 Jun 2010

My Take on the Water Shortage in Nashville

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Ironically, the recent flooding in Nashville led to a water shortage. Naturally it was a Nature/Government one-two punch. I explain in the Tennessean. The danger with writing for the local paper is that some Obamaphile might jump me in the grocery store. Of course, that presupposes there is an Obamaphile in Tennessee.

5 Responses to “My Take on the Water Shortage in Nashville”

  1. English Bob says:

    Keep up the good work, Bob.

    But I was reminded last night just how much work there is still to be done. “Marketplace” on NPR had a feature on the demographic mess in China, wrought by the insane one-child policy.

    But apparently this is all good news, you see! Good news for the “global economy”, that is. Fewer workers means higher wages for the Chinese. Those wealthy Chinese then buy lots of American products. We all win!

  2. ADA says:


    You said: ” The avail able toma toes are rationed among those who really want them.”

    I guess you don’t agree with Sheldon Richman’s objection to the the use of the word “ration” to describe the market process of allocation of resources.


  3. bobmurphy says:

    I’m surprised Sheldon still uses the word “resources.”

  4. Bob Murphy's Love Child says:

    I got your back

  5. Matt Flipago says:

    Bob, why hasn’t Obama done anything to helped the deserted Tennesseans?
    I’ll tell why!!!