17 Jun 2010

Gold Hits Record High

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More proof that Ron Paul is the secret mastermind behind world economic affairs…

10 Responses to “Gold Hits Record High”

  1. Michael Suede says:

    Sounds like Ron Paul is a terrorist that works for the GLD Trust.

    Clearly his advocacy of limited government and reductions in government spending are simply to drive up the price of gold and enrich himself.

    Of course, that statement makes no sense what-so-ever, but neither does Keynesian economics.

  2. Michael J. Green says:

    All those lone no-votes are clearly manipulating Wall Street.

    • Michael Suede says:

      I think the best thing to do with those crazy gold nuts is to shove them into their own state and then totally cut them off from the federal government!

      That will teach them!

      Let them have their gold currency, no central bank, and no corporate/social welfare!

      I’m certain that without the glorious federal government to run their lives, they would devolve into chaos and die shortly.

      The Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome series has shown us what life would be like without federal oversight. Without government, we would all be driving around a desert wasteland in armored vehicles shooting each other for scraps of food and fuel while simultaneously engaging in barbaric Roman gladiatorial combat for entertainment purposes.

  3. Bob Murphy's Love Child says:

    When Ron Paul jumps into water, he doesn’t get wet…The water gets Ron.

    • Michael Suede says:

      Ron Paul’s tears cure cancer.

      Too bad he never cries.

      • anonymous says:

        They say laughter is the greatest medicine. I disagree Ron Paul is.

      • Daniel Hewitt says:

        Michael, I’m glad I clicked on your signature link. That Juche drawing is hilarious!

  4. von Pepe says:

    Here is Ron Paul shredding CNBC arguments.

    On gold, and if you are in a rush, go to a little past 9:00 minutes when they taunt him for buying gold.


  5. Bob Murphy's Love Child says:

    God is a Ron Paul fearing man.