12 Jun 2010

Culture Shock: Colm Wilkinson in Les Mis

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I was forever spoiled when my mom took me to Les Miserables as a young lad. Years later, when I was in grad school at NYU, I saw Les Mis on Broadway, but whatever punk they had playing Valjean was nothing. I wanted to yell out, “Hey man, do you even care that you’re facing this moral dilemma? You’re throwing your life away man, show some emotion!!”

Anyway this is my favorite part of the play. Valjean has escaped from prison–where he was Prisoner #24601–and has assumed a new identity. He has done well for himself, becoming a successful businessman (employing many people) and even the mayor.

The indefatigable Javert has been tracking him, however. Yet some other guy, who happens to look like Valjean, is being tried for Valjean’s crimes. Now comes the moment of truth:

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