15 May 2010

The Neo-Cons Are Consistent!

Foreign Policy, Ron Paul 4 Comments

While listening to Ron Paul’s talk to the Campaign for Liberty crowd tonight, he said that not only would a scale back of the U.S. empire save a lot of money, but it would also make us safer. (Wait for applause.) Then he said it was absurd to claim that “we were attacked because they hate our freedom and wealth.”

But then it occurred to me! All along I’ve assumed that the neocon strategists were lying, and had some hidden agenda. But what if they actually believe what they’re saying?

In that case, their recommended policies make perfect sense; they are eliminating the root causes of terrorism! Brilliant.

4 Responses to “The Neo-Cons Are Consistent!”

  1. Leo says:

    That’s hilarious.

  2. Lequita says:

    I debate with them all the time over on the BigGovernment website. They are absolutely impossible.

    They are so critical of the domestic policy here, rightfully, but then hold the military up as if there is no error in our foreign policy and no wrong in the military or Israel.

  3. J Cortez says:

    I agree neo-cons are consistent. Consistently conniving and crazy.

  4. Contemplationist says:

    They hate you because you are infidels and you’re powerful, and the major thorn in their plans, apart from Israel. Yes I do believe abandoning Iraq and Afghanistan will be GOOD STRATEGY, contrary to the neocon sloganeering nonsense. However, Ron Paul is dead wrong about the nature of the enemy. But thats okay.