08 May 2010

The Best Bill Hicks Clip

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For Rothbardians who don’t know him, this is Hicks at his finest (naughty words, watch out):

11 Responses to “The Best Bill Hicks Clip”

  1. TGGP says:

    His best must not be very good.

  2. Blackadder says:

    If by best you mean funniest then this isn’t close to being the funniest Bill Hicks clip. If by best you mean most conspiratorial, then maybe.

    • bobmurphy says:

      Do you guys need pacifiers too?

      • Blackadder says:

        Yes, Bob, I’m much too scared to accept The Shocking Truth.

    • bobmurphy says:

      Hmm I could work, or I could keep arguing with you. Yes the choice is clear:

      Oops believe it or not, I had meant to type “The Best Bill Hicks Clip I Could Find.” Now that I see I didn’t title it like that, I retract my pacifier comment.

      Because I had just plugged his documentary, I thought I should give a lengthy clip for Rothbardian readers who may not know him. So first looked him up on the Iraq War, but the clip I found wasn’t that funny. At that point I was already 15 minutes into it, and I had “real work” to do, so I went with the safe play of Hicks on JFK. I thought it was so good I watched it twice.

      If you have a funnier clip, by all means share it and if I agree I’ll post it.

  3. Political Catechism says:

    Misanthropic Anti-Theist Comedians Who Detest Capitalism…………………… What is Bob Murphy’s guilty pleasure?

  4. Gene Callahan says:

    Soooo, an rank amateur at every field necessary to evaluate the assasination mocking all of the experts who actually understand the fields involved is this guy’s best.

    Oh well.

    (The “his head moved in the wrong direction” bit, for instance, has been massively debunked.)

  5. J Cortez says:

    Bob, for what it’s worth, I think Bill Hicks rocks. Thanks for the video.

  6. J Cortez says:

    Once again, LRC comes through with a cool Bill Hicks clip.

    Bill Hicks on Gays in the Military

    Of course, considering the dislike in the comments, I suspect this won’t go over either.

  7. Dan says:

    I would love to see Gene on open mic night. Nothing better than hearing someone correct you on why you shouldn’t of found something funny.

    I love Bill Hicks. I hadn’t discovered him until a friend showed me him on youtube about 3 years ago. Although he clearly wasn’t a rothbardian, he was way ahead of the curve in his time.