26 May 2010

Role Model for White Boys

Procrastination Break 4 Comments

I am introducing a new category of blog posts that I hope I will not abuse. Sometimes I come across fairly random YouTube clips that are the perfect length–just long enough to make sure you don’t get back to work, but not long enough to scare you away from clicking Play.

Some economists might post a YouTube of John Nash. That’s not how we roll at Free Advice.

4 Responses to “Role Model for White Boys”

  1. will potter says:

    If your looking for highlights of white athletes you should post Wladimir Klitschko highlights (curennt and dominant heavyweight boxing champion of the world) or just cool highlights you should get pernell whitaker highlights (a defensive genius as a boxer).

  2. Lequita says:

    What about Rocky Marciano???


  3. Aristos says:

    So as a role model, his slogan is “Dish it to the black dude”?

  4. RG says:

    Steve Nash isn’t white, he’s Canadian.