27 May 2010

Naomi Wolf Doing Her Part

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I was thrilled to see Lew Rockwell post another interview with Naomi Wolf. (In their last one, you could see it finally dawn on her why “right wingers” might oppose government control of education besides them hating literacy and/or minority children). In this interview, Wolf says she is moving from being a progressive to a libertarian, and she calls the American empire “satanic” (!!).

Check out the trailer for her new movie:

The End Of America from IndiePix on Vimeo.

2 Responses to “Naomi Wolf Doing Her Part”

  1. Taylor says:

    Libertarian democrat (small-d)… now there’s a person who is still massively confused and a long way off from actually understanding liberty.

    Hint: has nothing to do with democracy!

  2. Martin says:

    I too am more Libertarian with a Conservative leaning. Not “neo-con” The Patriot Act is evil and Bush was responsible for it and Obama continues it. They both are Progressives in their own way. I am glad to see Naomi moving towards Libertarian!!! She always seemed to me to be more Libertarian and more like Glenn Beck than maybe she even realizes. They both talk of the founder’s way of setting up the country and agree with each other on the how’s and why’s. The main difference is that Naomi is more socially Liberal and Glenn is socially Conservative. That is cool…those thing can be a states rights issues! Let her state be one way and Glenn can live somewhere else that is socially Conservative! All states do not have to be the same!!!

    “Democracy” is not what we are and is code for Socialism. There is nothing wrong with Socialism in a perfect society, but the extremes of each are either Facism or Communism. That is where it gets scary!!!!