06 May 2010

More “Funny” Frankness From the Government

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HT2 Alex Tabarrok. This is apparently real (as the message at the end suggests).

One Response to “More “Funny” Frankness From the Government”

  1. Political Catechism says:

    The Greek government seeks to impose austerity measures, and the unarmed population riots, notwithstanding the riot police trying to keep them from storming parliament and goes on strike. Now let’s juxtapose that to the wannabe revolutionaries, here at home, who exemplify their colonial courage by concentrating all of their B.O. outside the gates of the White House. The socialists make the tea partiers look like chest-puffing posers.

    How sad. People are willing to take extreme measures for anything but liberty (not that I recommend the chaos Greece is in).