08 May 2010

Join Us In Iowa!

Shameless Self-Promotion 5 Comments

Man I really have to get better about giving you folks notice on these things. Anyway, I don’t need to invite you to the upcoming Campaign for Liberty event in Des Moines (this Friday through Sunday, May 14-16), because this guy is a bit more famous:

(HT2 Tom Woods who notified me of the video. Tom is also going to be there. And of course, if you can’t make the Iowa event, you can catch Tom and me in Nashville in July.)

5 Responses to “Join Us In Iowa!”

  1. Political Catechism says:

    Restoring the constitution with the author of Chaos Theory.

  2. Politcal Catechism says:

    Speaking of Iowa straw polls…

    I would vote for you Bob, but I’m afraid punching a hole next to your name would assimilate me into your hive mind. I’ll go insane, and start screaming, frantically, “the voter is sovereign; you serve me!” Even worse, I might think that the constitution is the answer to every question not yet asked.

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