29 May 2010

Hugh Hendry vs. Jeffrey Sachs

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This is beautiful. (HT2 Jeff Tucker.) This video is worth watching, at least through the first 5:30 minutes or so. (You need to see Hendry respond to Sachs’ claim that the Greek issue has only been on the table for 10 weeks.) Other observations:

(1) Look at how much more civil this is, compared to American counterparts.

(2) Listen to how much cooler their accents are.

(3) Are they saying that the banks that are in need of a bailout are paying dividends?! Wow you have to hand it to those bankers, that’s impressive.

4 Responses to “Hugh Hendry vs. Jeffrey Sachs”

  1. Taylor says:


    Here is the other video of Hendry that ZH posted yesterday. It’s actually older than this video, but interestingly serves as background to Sachs’s claims that the Greek crisis is 10 weeks old: http://www.zerohedge.com/article/hugh-hendry-warns-prepare-hyperinflation

  2. Political Catechism says:

    Oh dear, Hugh is quite the little scallywag. This is such a preposterous interview.

  3. Ash says:

    That’s gotta be the most cordial total and utter dismantling of someone else’s position I’ve ever seen. But it was weird at the though, when he called for legislation to stop banks from paying dividends, right?

    I remember my first exposure to British news interviews. It was about 4 years ago, with a show called Hardtalk, with the host interviewing some politician on a hot current event. I don’t exactly remember the topic, but I remember thinking “with a name like Hardtalk, this is probably going to get heated!” I was utterly shocked when I saw two people having a serious and passionate conversation without raising their voices or speaking over each other! I did not know civil discourse could happen like that!