03 May 2010

Back in the USSR

Haiti 4 Comments

I’m back kids. It was quite ironic, I was so relieved to be back in “civilization” once the flight from Port au Prince landed in Miami on Saturday night. Then I’m watching CNN at the lounge bar and see a house floating down a highway in Nashville that I sometimes use. There were also tornado watches in effect.

But everything worked out and our house at least emerged unscathed from the flooding. For those enrolled in the online class, tonight’s lecture is on.

I will have many blog posts devoted to the Haiti experience over the coming months, but right now I have to get caught up on other things.

4 Responses to “Back in the USSR”

  1. Aristos says:

    Welcome home.

  2. Jason says:

    Welcome back Bob. Looking forward to your posts on Haiti. My boss was there a month ago, and he said it was a life changing experience. He sent daily updates via email, and they were pretty amazing to read.

  3. Ryan Wills says:

    Welcome back, Bob

  4. Jim Fedako says:

    Welcome back.