06 May 2010

Annoying Term of the Decade: “RINO”

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You know, this notion of a RINO–Republican in Name Only–is absurd. The idea is that people who run for Congress as Republicans, but then don’t cut spending and taxes, are actually not real Republicans.

But wouldn’t it be more accurate to call them CIROs–Conservatives in Rhetoric Only? In practice, just about every Republican has been a RINO, which makes it a bit of a misnomer, don’t you think?

To say Republicans oppose government spending is like saying Democrats are antiwar.

One Response to “Annoying Term of the Decade: “RINO””

  1. Geoff says:

    If the term RINO applied to any politician, it should be Ron Paul. He is really the only Republican in name only. I have friends that use that term and then I ask them to tell me of a Republican who does stick to a limited government/less spending philosophy once in office. They can’t really name one. Therefore, a RINO should be someone who is not like the rest of the party. That would be Ron Paul.