14 Apr 2010

Why Would You Trust Politicians to Save the Planet?

Climate Change 3 Comments

This is a pretty funny NPR story about the “Energy Star” certification (which makes you eligible for “green” tax credits). If you’re rushed for time, just start listening at the 2:00 mark.

3 Responses to “Why Would You Trust Politicians to Save the Planet?”

  1. Jason says:

    Hilarious at the end. Paraphrasing, “Can I trust these ratings? I know I can trust them for a tax credit, hahaha, but can I really trust that they save energy?”

  2. geoih says:

    In spite of all the evidence, they are still incapable of thinking outside of their statist paradigm.

  3. ADA says:

    She said the gov is looking to go to 3rd party certifications. The problem is that these private agencies will still be working for the government although it will be regarded as a private/market rating system.