12 Apr 2010

Obama on the Pesky Constitution

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I have heard clips from this before, but it’s nice to go back to the classics (HT2 LRC). If you’re busy, at least listen to the first two minutes; there’s a nice bombshell just before the 2:00 mark.

3 Responses to “Obama on the Pesky Constitution”

  1. Sean A says:

    I’m sure this probably surprised no one; however, I was a bit shocked by how open he is about his agenda. Anyone not subscribing to the broken window fallacy will be appalled. I can think of no better road to the rigid caste system of serfdom than the ideology portrayed in this video. Its truly becoming a mad scramble to become a tax beneficiary. I’m on donating the portion that would have been taxed to a private charity and telling the gov to go to hell. I’m tired of paying for the destruction of markets; for imperialist wars and the murder of civilians. Change

  2. Tom Long says:

    You are right Bob, the first 2 minutes are very intriguing. It is obvious what his agenda is, he can’t come out any say it, otherwise he would’ve never got elected.

    Instead we just inch our way closer and closer to this far-left statist society. Giving up freedom along the way, and prosperity for that matter.

  3. Rory L says:

    I really didn’t like the comments about the Constitution. Obama states that it says what the government can’t do to you, not what it can do for you. But he is also talking about wealth redistribution, not creating new wealth. Therefore, the government has to take away from some (doing something to some) in order to give to others (doing something for some).