16 Apr 2010

Murphy Transparency, Part 1

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You know, a lot of times I feel hesitant to act on my personal views, because I am so afraid that I’m doing the very behavior of my enemies. For example, if I meet with some libertarian guys to talk “strategy,” I feel like we are no different from Marxists. After all, aren’t we plotting in the same way that Robert Wenzel uses the verb to plot (infinitive there, for ya). And yet I don’t feel like what we’re doing is comparable. (I’m sure they understand the feeling.)

Anyway, I decided that one sure way to alleviate my guilt is to announce to the world my plan. So here goes:

(1) I link to Wenzel whenever appropriate, to highlight the reasons I read his site daily. I only check about 7 blogs regularly, because I am rushed for time. Wenzel should be humbled knowing that 1/7 of my information from the entire Internet comes from him. He is the filter for 1/7 of my internet knowledge, which works out to 1/8 of my total knowledge. Wenzel, can you bear that load, my friend? Are you cracking under the responsibility?

(BTW I am not merely helping a friend. I know Wenzel has all the skills to be the most notorious financial blogger in the world. Oh my gosh, please don’t tell me you know of Matt Taibbi but you have never heard of Robert Wenzel? Well, that’s because you get your opinion of financial experts from Rolling Stone, instead of from me. I am telling you that Matt Taibbi should realize that I respect Robert Wenzel so much more, that I am not even googling to make sure I am spelling your name right. You should thank me for at least checking for internal spelling consistency in this post itself; I will not force myself to misspell your name. You did a lot for getting the word out about Goldman, good work my friend. I’m just saying, Wenzel should be point guard, not you. I’m not kicking you off the team, Matt, I’m just benching you. We are getting BLOWN OUT and you hit a 3-pointer without first passing the ball 5 times like I think we should. (I’m not googling to see how many passes Gene Hackman in Hoosiers required. I just know he said, “My men are on the floor,” or something when the refs told him he only had 4 players on the court. Awesome.)

UPDATE: As many of you probably guessed when you read this, after the fact it occurred to me that many people would not see the humor in my self-identified publicity stunt. So I have taken it down, while leaving the compliments to Robert Wenzel intact.

5 Responses to “Murphy Transparency, Part 1”

  1. Lequita says:


  2. LvMIenthusiast says:

    You shouldn’t have edited your blog post, I thought that was hilarious albeit confusing at times though! But, at least I fully understand the “revised” version.

  3. Michael Brock says:

    “I only check about 7 blogs regularly, because I am rushed for time”

    I demand to know the others!!!!

  4. Aristos says:

    Did you wake up and find Mike Tyson’s tiger in your bathroom?

  5. Gene Callahan says:

    “For example, if I meet with some libertarian guys to talk “strategy,” I feel like we are no different from Marxists.”

    Now you are getting the idea.