05 Apr 2010

Have You Signed Up Yet for My Online Business Cycle Class?

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Over at Mises Daily we have another infomercial for the online class on Austrian business cycle that I’m teaching. It starts a week from today, i.e. Monday, April 12. Check out this cool screen shot:

At first I was wondering how the software etc. would work–keep in mind I had my Blackberry for at least 6 months before I set up my email on it!

But working with Grayson Lilburne, I am confident that this will be a great experience. As you can see, the interactivity is exactly what sci fi writers would have imagined a decade ago. Also, if you register you don’t need to download anything on your end to see the lectures, take the quizzes, etc.

Let me give you one last inducement to click the link and read more: You’ll get to see the collage they put together for the course, which I have informally titled, “King Kong Mises.”

10 Responses to “Have You Signed Up Yet for My Online Business Cycle Class?”

  1. bobmurphy says:

    I should clarify, you don’t need new software; you can view the stuff from your browser. But Grayson clarified that you might need to update your Flash player etc. in order to view the lectures.

  2. Andy says:

    Bob –

    Unfortunately I have to work during the lecture times. Is there any way I can still submit any questions I have to you? Maybe via email or something? I would love to still take the course however not being able to ask questions is preventing me. Also just to verify, I can watch the recorded lecture session after work correct?

    • bobmurphy says:

      Andy, yes you can watch the lectures later. And yes, you can send me questions over email. Hopefully though your schedule will allow you to participate in the discussion groups during the week (where either I or the TA Grayson Lilburne will be moderating) so you can get some of your questions in that way.

      • Andy says:

        Bob –

        Thanks for the quick reply. I’ve been looking around trying to find what time the discussion groups meet but can’t seem to find anything. Do they meet at the same time as the lectures? 7pm EDT?

        • bobmurphy says:

          I think the idea is that they are open the whole time. So you can pop in and out, and the TA and I can come in and out to keep things moving.

  3. redbud says:

    How long are the Monday night lectures? I have class Monday til 9pE.

    This sounds yummy. I’m in. Thanks!

    • bobmurphy says:

      For the Monday lectures, I will probably lecture for 50 mins to an hour, depending on the material, and then answer questions that are relevant to that topic. I will probably cut it off after an hour, or until people run out of questions, whichever comes first.

  4. Tom Long says:


    I am planning on taking the class next summer as I have already signed up for summer classes this summer. It sounds like a really good idea though.

  5. Pappakwstas says:

    Greedings from Athens-Greece,
    I would like to attent the course, and like
    to clarify a couple of points.
    – As I understand we don’t need any software,
    (DimDim, Moodle).
    – 7 EDT is 19.00 Eastern day Time, ie plus
    5 Greenwich.
    – Is it possible to have the audio lectures in
    print, because i suspect I will not understand
    the points clealry (due to my poor English).

    Thank you in advance,
    best regards,

    • bobmurphy says:

      Right, you don’t need any software. I’m not sure about the +5 Greenwich, but yes Eastern Day Time.

      The lectures will have a very orderly outline (that is printed), but I don’t have them written out completely. So you can refer to the written outline but it won’t have every single word.