14 Apr 2010

“A Night of Clarity” — Come to Music City in July!

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Carlos Lara and I are pleased to officially announce “A Night of Clarity” to be held in Nashville, TN on Friday, July 16. The confirmed speakers are Paul Cleveland, Nelson Nash, Tom Woods, and me. We originally had asked Robert Wenzel to be the fifth speaker, but he had another business commitment. Instead we are proud to have Richard Ebeling join us to round out the panel.

The full details are here. Note that there are three different events–the Friday night lectures on the business cycle and the “Infinite Banking Concept,” the Friday night dinner with Q&A from the panel, and then the workshop the following Saturday. You can pick and choose which events you’d like to attend; each has its own price.

The event will also feature the release of the book Carlos and I are writing on How Privatized Banking Really Works: Integrating Austrian Economics With the Infinite Banking Concept. If I know Tom Woods, he will be hawking his own books too, including what will then still be fairly new book on nullification.

The Friday night karaoke bar is free (except for any drinks you buy). I am personally paying to reserve a VIP section at Lonnie’s for about 40 of us. (We aren’t isolated; we still see the main stage. But we have our own roped off area to ensure seats etc.)  It is my special gift to you.

Finally, if you are going to come I encourage you to sign up soon. We have a 10% discount on the Friday presentation (for regular tickets, not the student version) and the Saturday workshop, up through May 1st.

So come join us in July! If you’ve never been to Nashville, I think you will be very pleasantly surprised.

One Response to ““A Night of Clarity” — Come to Music City in July!”

  1. Aristos says:

    If I wasn’t working this summer, or Nashville was a bit closer, I’d be there. Alas, I must offer only regrets. Tell Tom that I plan on reading his books this summer.