23 Mar 2010

With Fans Like These…

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Google Alerts brought the following to my attention:

When I saw Bob Murphy’s The Politically Incorrect Guide ™ to capitalism almost exactly two years ago, I said that it was a pity that the book would be as bad as it is. Ironclad proof of how bad I was just then that a new book by Murphy for the Great Depression and New Deal is necessary today.

The really funny thing is, if you click on the link you’ll see that this guy is promoting my book! (I think it’s an English-as-second-language thing.)

One Response to “With Fans Like These…”

  1. Louis B. says:

    Along with invaluable Meltdown Thomas Woods: A free market in order to understand why the stock market collapsed, the Tanked economy and government bailouts, it will be worse, recommended by Murphy as “a book you should read,” you are on solid financial history and to what the government-media-academic complex, “says must be done to lift the economy out of recession.