23 Mar 2010

What the American People Don’t Know

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…is that Paul Krugman has secretly replaced their gourmet coffee with socialized medicine.

In a blog post that featured a stunning rainbow (I’m not kidding) to signify the impending passage of the health insurance bill, Krugman said something that I don’t recall him stressing in the run-up to the vote:

OK, nothing is sure in this world. Intrade is still giving Obamacare a 2.2% chance of failing, and I suppose Bart Stupak might have a Bwahahaha moment on the House floor. But it looks as if health reform has been achieved.

There is, as always, a tunnel at the end of the tunnel: we’ll spend years if not decades fixing this thing.

The one thing I’d always given credit to Krugman for, was his bluntness. For example he comes right out and says that the laws of economics get flipped upside down in a liquidity trap, whereas other Keynesians might not have the temerity to state it so baldly.

Yet was Krugman saying it would take decades to “fix this thing” when he was telling everyone how essential “health care reform” was? I really don’t remember that.

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