30 Mar 2010

“This is about helping sick people!”

Economics, Health Legislation 6 Comments

Or is it? Note that the clips below aren’t from unemployed pot-smoking hippies leaving comments at a progressive blog. These are some of the most powerful people in the government.

6 Responses to ““This is about helping sick people!””

  1. Matt Flipago says:

    Anyone know what the marginal tax rate for the highest income is, including all taxes even state and local. How do the people claim to know things and not realize “3.8%” is meaningless. You have to take the 3.8%/(100-Marginal tax rate with all taxes). Also Bush tax cuts expiring lead to a 3.6% increase to from original 35%, and states can often have income taxes of 10%. Including medicare at 2.9% and probably sales of other various local taxes getting another 10%, that’s about 3.8/(100- 61.5), around 10% of you remaining wealth that was left over. So sure 3.8% isn’t much, but if somebody said, okay no I am going to take another 10% of what is left, people will be effected. This didn’t include social security(12.5%), or corporate income tax(35%), and the 10% of various taxes could be higher or lower depending on location and how you spend your money, and doesn’t include inflation. With effective AVERAGE corporate tax rate being 40%, for a person earning money in a corporation would face 3.8/(.6(100-61.5)) to an effective tax increase of 16.5%, that is going to effect some market transactions. Especially over the long term.

    • Matt Flipago says:

      You can basically just double the numbers to see how much more taxes were before the start recession to after.

  2. BlackSheep says:

    I am pretty much resigned at this point. I just wished these redistribution plans were at least made exogenous to the functioning of the market. Go ahead and take from the high incomers to the lower ones (come up with a wealth tax while you’re at it), but just send a check already! All this rushed through govt programs designed on the back of a napkin scare the living soul out of me.

  3. Daniel Mitchell says:

    I think we are supposed to take away from these videoa that John Dingell is basically a real-life version of Lex Luthor. It isn’t true. Although it is sinister to plan for wealth redistribution and controlling people, these politicians aren’t malevolent schemers in the sense these videos are meant to suggest. They don’t use those words the same way that we do. They view themselves as fine-tuners tweaking the system to make life better. They are wrong about philosophy and the results of their tweaking, but they aren’t Lex Luthor. What I’m saying is that these videos don’t show “the mask slipping,” they just manipulate the viewer so that when he hears Dingell say “control the people” his imagination runs wild thinking of scenes out of 1984. Your brain is supposed to shut off as soon as you hear Howard Dean say “redistribution” even though if you actually listen to him he is being pretty reasonable given his position. He isn’t being diabolical.

  4. LvMIenthusiast says:

    I sat down with Howard Dean for lunch at my college a few months back and I have to say the guy was a gigantic prick. Needless to say, I think I eventually must have annoyed the man when I asked one question too many. It was also scary scary considering the fact that he was going haywire and there was about 5 inches between us both. Not a very comfortable situation to be in at all.

    However, the man is an elitist snob who thinks he runs the show when it comes to communicating with individuals. He doesn’t expect to have serious questions tossed his way and looks down upon all the students.

    He’s a disgrace to Yale and should be removed from his teaching post. I don’t see the point of having a vainglorious prick like Howard Dean anywhere near the campus.

    With that being said, I sincerely enjoyed giving him my two cents and sending the man on his merry little way. Too bad it was more of a private meeting than a large public gathering though, it would of been fun watching the man self-destruct in front of an audience.

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