27 Mar 2010

Psssst… Earlier I misspoke. But you should still come to Nashville in July.

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In a previous, top secret post, I revealed that Carlos Lara and I are hosting a liberty extravaganza in Nashville on July 16 (and a workshop on July 17). The lineup are all Friends of Rothbard, including Paul Cleveland, Nelson Nash (inventor of the Infinite Banking Concept), Tom Woods, me, and the dapper Robert Wenzel. [Update: Wenzel has another business commitment and can’t come in July. We are working on a replacement.]

As I explained in the prior post, there is going to be a latency period in which the website for signing up for the event is up and running, but before we officially go public with it. (We are in consultation with Sarah Palin for her to wear the URL on a t-shirt. That lady is a pitbull when it comes to money.) So if you want us to email you the link, please register here at Carlos’ site. Doing this entails no obligation on your part. I have been on Carlos’ list for a while, and at most he sends out two articles a month, many of which are reruns of my Mises dailies.

The one thing where I misspoke in the original post, was that I misunderstood what Carlos had said to his special clients (to whom he wants to give this advance registration ability). He is actually giving them until April 9 before we then go public with our promotions etc. So, naturally I think you guys are just as special as Carlos’ friends, so you have the same privilege (curse?). In the original post I implied that you would be gaining a day over the general public by signing up, whereas now I’m correcting that and saying you can see the event details immediately if you sign up with Carlos, whereas we won’t be doing the full media blitz until April 9th.

To be honest, we’re in no danger of selling out (we have a huge capacity if need be), and I’m pretty sure the hotel will work with us on the room bloc for discounted rates for our group. But there are still two remaining reasons you should sign up now, rather than wait for the media blitz:

(1) You have high time preference.

(2) You want to see a picture of Robert Wenzel. And not the dinky one with his head obscured by a computer screen (which I believe is designed to throw off the CIA), but a full frontal body shot. (Is he clothed? Maybe.)

3 Responses to “Psssst… Earlier I misspoke. But you should still come to Nashville in July.”

  1. bobmurphy says:

    Oh I just thought of something: Carlos is at a cabin or something for the weekend. So if you sign up, you might not get the Advance Registration email until Monday. But Carlos is nuts and wakes up at something like 5 am, so you shouldn’t have to wait too long.

  2. Robert Wenzel says:


    Since you have put this post up, girls have been massing outside my bedroom window. Do you think we should note in the post that the pic was taken 20 years ago before I was hit by that truck?

    • bobmurphy says:

      RW, not until those girls buy tickets to the Nashville event.