29 Mar 2010

Learn Austrian Business Cycle Theory!

Economics 5 Comments

(Cross-posted at Mises.org.)

I am a very awkward promoter, which is why it’s such a good thing that this online class in Austrian business cycle theory sells itself. Just click the link.

We are tentatively scheduling the live lectures at 7pm EST, to accommodate as many time zones as possible. Of course, if you have a conflict it’s not a dealbreaker; the lectures will be recorded so you can view them at your convenience.

We’ve always bounced around the possibility of online classes, but the technology was never quite there to do it right. Well check out the screen shots at the bottom of the above link. Grayson Lilburne and I have been testing out the software, and the technology has arrived.

If you have always wanted to learn more about Austrian business cycle theory, but were too busy to come down to Auburn for a week in the summer, this class is for you.

The class begins Monday, April 12—two weeks from today! Sign up now.

5 Responses to “Learn Austrian Business Cycle Theory!”

  1. Marco says:

    I’ve read the course description and that’s the economic course I always wished to attend (but never found) at the university here in Italy! If I’m not mistaken one can easily follow the lessons through the recordings (you know, 7 pm East is late night here) so that should not be a problem but what about the quizzes and the final exams? Did I have to get drunk on friday night and then get back home in the middle of the night and do the quizzes like a true keynesian would?


  2. bobmurphy says:


    The final exam won’t be an issue; we can deal with it separately for foreign students if need be.

    I’m asking Grayson about the quizzes, because we’re using a software package to do that. I’ll post his answer (or maybe he will do it directly here).

  3. bobmurphy says:


    Grayson tells me he thinks we can enable the quizzes on Friday and leave them open all weekend. So you will need another excuse to get drunk every week.

  4. Marco says:

    Thank you Bob! I’ve got no excuses left so… looking forward for the firse lesson

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