07 Mar 2010

I Write Six Days a Week, and Rest on the Sabbath

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Lately I have tried to do a better job of “observing the Sabbath,” meaning that I try not to work on Sundays. As a consultant, I never have a vacation. At any given time, there is always something I could be doing (or at least get the wheels moving) to bring in more revenue.

Currently my compromise is that I allow myself to read “worky” things, and I allow myself to work on the household budget, but I don’t produce anything that someone else is paying me for. Eventually I will get to the point where I truly “don’t work on Sundays.”

Similar to the rule about tithing, the same holds for observing the Sabbath. Paradoxically, I have found that I get more done in a seven-day period, when I know during the week that I am not going to allow myself to do “real work” on Sunday. Presumably this has to do with the fact that you really can’t go nonstop for a week without taking mini-breaks, and you use your time more effectively from Monday through Saturday if you know you are going to really take Sunday off.

9 Responses to “I Write Six Days a Week, and Rest on the Sabbath”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Some places I know (big engineering firms) get their employs to work 21 days non-stop, then they get a 7 day break to do what ever. That is my style of work-play.

  2. Anonymous says:

    We work hard. We play hard.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Jesus worked on the Sabbath. That one of the reasons the Pharisees hated him.

  4. Jim O'Connor says:

    Hi Bob,

    The Mises piece on fiat currency and the trade deficit is great.

  5. JimS says:

    According to the KJ version Exodus 23:12
    "Six days thou shalt do thy work, and on the seventh day thou shalt rest: that thine ox and thine ass may rest"

    I won't provide comment or interpretation as that seems to get me deleted.

    I was kidding about you not working Dr. Murphy. Love your work and this site. Sorry I only just found it. You are an exceptional speaker as well and tell everyone I know to take the opportunity to hear you.

    And a little side note for Dr. Murphy; thanks for your thoughts on this site concerning the recent violent actions against the IRS. As a former Marine, I somewhat sympathize with those reactions (not that I condone or would engage in such actions), but your thoughts on these matters has swayed me greatly and has me thinking hard and reconsidering much. Look forward to having you back when you catch up with your work.

  6. Keith Kelly says:

    "In the second millennium…the world shall see a man of the economy so beastly, so strapping a man, with intelligence abound, that there not be a soul who shall crush him. This man doth labor, and doth labor hard. Thy labors with little rest.
    But the rocktitude thine will lavish upon the earth will shake the worlds foundation with such clout and vigor that the demons Keynes and Krugman shall fall from their dark, cold mountaintop to see themselves cast into the depths of hell."

    -Murphy 3:16

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  8. Geoff says:

    For centuries before the time of Jesus, the Sabbath was on Saturday.

    What does a Sunday resurrection have anything to do with changing the Sabbath day?