29 Mar 2010

Haiti Here I Come!

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Yikes! Sorry everyone, I forgot to let you know that these guys decided my marginal product would be nonnegative.* I am going to Haiti for a week at the end of April.

Based on their instructions, it will be pretty hardcore. For example, they told me to bring a mosquito net to put around my sleeping bag at night.

* I apologize for the geeky econ jokes, but I have to cater to the crowd. It is the analog of fart jokes in Mike Myers’ movies.

2 Responses to “Haiti Here I Come!”

  1. Aristos says:

    Aristos: “Natalie, my friend Bob is going to Haiti.”

    Natalie: “Why? It’s a mess down there.”

    Aristos: “That’s why he’s going–to help.”

    Natalie: “But we’ve already sent billions of dollars over there. What’s your friend who writes books and a blog going to do to help?”

    Aristos: “Uh… Maybe we read the beatitudes tonight?”

    Natalie: “I don’t remember anything about earthquakes in Matthew.”

    Aristos: “Blessed are the poor? Blessed are the hungry?”

    Natalie: “I’m pretty sure that it says ‘Blessed are the poor in spirit’ and ‘Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness.””

    Aristos: “OK, you know your Matthew, but what about your Luke?”

    Natalie (10 minutes later): “You’re right. He should go.”

    Aristos: “Go and do what?”

    Natalie: “I don’t know, whatever the Holy Spirit tells him to!”

    Aristos: “That’s right. Now hold on a second.”

    Natalie (1 minute later): “You’re not putting that on your blog, are you?”

  2. bobmurphy says:

    Very nice…