28 Mar 2010

A Reader Question That I Cannot Answer

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And when I say I cannot answer the question, I mean it in the Airplane (“I can’t tell, sir.” “You can tell me, I’m the captain”) way.

Sam asks:

Here’s something to explain in your blog :  What is with the internet marketing strategy of putting ugly people’s faces next to totally unrelated ad text???  Every day on cnbc.com, for just one example, there’s an ugly face next in an ad about refinancing your home. People must be paying thousands for these ads… Has some marketing guru shown that people will be drawn to click on your ad if it includes a picture of someone with rotten teeth or some other disfigurement?

3 Responses to “A Reader Question That I Cannot Answer”

  1. Jeremy says:

    Calvin Klein ran ads for a while where the people kind of looked like starved drug addicts. Or maybe that just what models look like in black in white photos?

    I found an article on the topic. There’s actually a market for ugly models apparently….

    How one modeling agency flipped the meaning of “marketable”

    There’s hope for me in fashion after all!

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