09 Feb 2010

Touring San Jose

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After being taped for a documentary on the Fed, I went over to San Jose State University to have dinner with David R. Henderson and Mark Brady. (Jeff Hummel was teaching money & banking so couldn’t make it.) On the way to Mark’s office I passed a lecture and thought I recognized the professor and yep, it was Emily Schaeffer talking about the median voter theorem or something along those lines. (I didn’t linger too long, because I thought it might be distracting to Emily to see a guy out in the hall eavesdropping and wonder, “Why is Jason Alexander on campus, and why is he wearing a suit?”) It really struck me just what a libertarian and Austrian-friendly outpost SJSU is.

I don’t have any gossip I can report, except I will say that Jeff Hummel agrees with me that Gene Callahan’s criticism of our Fed-as-counterfeiter argument was silly. So there.

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